West Virginia letter carrier rescues woman from creek

From USPS News Link:

Wheeling, WV, Letter Carrier John Smith was delivering mail when he saw the driver of a car hit a patch of ice and lose control. The car hit a tree and swerved into a frigid creek.Without hesitation, Smith drove to the scene. Disregarding the freezing temperatures, he waded into the water to see if the driver was OK. The 18-year-old driver appeared dazed and injured from the impact of the air bag and seat restraint.Since the driver’s door was jammed, Smith had to pull the young driver through the passenger-side door. Then, he carried her through waist-high water to safety.Smith kept the girl warm in his LLV until emergency responders arrived.

  • Retired Mailman

    Letter of Warning for deviating from route is awaiting this carrier.

    • not saying you’re an old fool

      Hey thanks old timer! Whenever a postal worker does something positive and gets recognized for it, some old fool is sure to post the old “Letter of warning coming next!” joke! Boy, it’s still a knee slapper, isn’t it?

      Say- how come, if hero letter carriers always get letters of warning for doing good deeds, no one has ever posted a news story where that actually happened?

      • Mailman030

        Take it as the joke that it is. In every office that I have worked in, the carriers make this joke whenever a fellow carrier does something heroic. I have never heard of anyone being disciplined for this, but these jokes do reflect what most carriers think of the low regard that they are held in by postal management.