PA postmaster sentenced for embezzling post office funds


A Murrysville man will spend six months on home detention for embezzling $13,255 from an Armstrong County post office, a federal judge ruled Thursday.

Lawrence F. Stoken III, 47, of Murrysville, pleaded guilty in December to misappropriating postal funds. The postmaster at the Rural Valley post office between October 2011 and March 2013, he pocketed money customers paid for stamps and money orders, prosecutors said.

Read more: Rural Valley postmaster sentenced for embezzling post office funds | TribLIVE.

  • postalworker1

    wow, no PROMOTION??

  • nick

    i wonder why we never hear this in our daily morning talks. the postmaster is always telling us about a carrier somewhere in the country that is stealing mail or in an accident due to negligence. those instances always impact the carriers. i only hope all these postmasters and supervisors that steal get a little chat every morning from the regional manager, but i doubt it.
    it only runs downhill, right?

    • This is OUTRAGEOUS!

      You poor little put-upon baby! Maybe you didn’t hear about it because you’re not a postmaster? Or maybe it got drowned out in all the stories about craft employees getting away with dumping mail and stealing money?

      Or maybe you’re just imagining things? I spent 31 years in the USPS, craft and management, and NEVER heard a service talk about someone stealing- postmaster, window clerk, letter carrier, whatever!

      Seems to me you people have enough to worry about without making up stuff, don’t you?

  • P2J2M

    poor craft thieves………. always pointing fingers


    Termination?, restitution?, probation (detention); justice served.

  • jim

    if they were busy like craft,there wouldnt be time for this problem. i still say level 18 postmasters should have dual offices to manage. it will keep them busy