TV reporter claims PANIC AT THE POST OFFICE! as Salinas PO closes at normal time on tax night (just like it did last year…)

With 90 percent of Americans filing their taxes electronically, the days when post offices were beehives of tax night activity right up until midnight are a distant memory- but not, apparently, in Salinas California.

A California television station claims hundreds of Salinas residents “panicked” last night when they discovered their local post office wasn’t open until midnight. Reporters claimed that it was the first time in “recent memory” that the office wasn’t open late on tax night, and showed customers insisting that the office was always open until midnight on April 15.

As is the norm with the news media these days, however, the “reporters” didn’t bother to do any research to back up their claims- if they had, they’d have discovered that this was the second year in a row that the Salinas office closed at its normal time on tax night. According to a 2013 press release from the USPS, the Salinas PO closed at 5PM on tax night last year, although the office did accept returns at curbside until 8 PM. Two years ago the office was open late, but only until 10 PM, not midnight. This year, the USPS issued a press release announcing that post offices in the area would be open normal hours on tax night with the exception of San Jose and Oakland.

As for the “PANIC” people were supposedly experiencing, the TV station’s own web site had previously carried a story pointing out that the tax deadline is pretty much meaningless if, like most taxpayers, you’re expecting a refund. (Late filing penalties are based on the amount you owe the IRS- if you’re getting a refund, there’s no penalty).

Never let the facts get in the way of a snappy headline!

SALINAS, Calif. –Hundreds of people failed to file their tax returns on time in Salinas Tuesday, showing up at the post office and expecting it to be open late, only to find it closed at 5 p.m.

The post office on Post Drive is known for being open late on tax day. In past years postal workers have been out here in the parking lot collecting and post marking the returns until midnight. However for the first time in recent memory, hours were not extended, much to the surprise of all those who showed up.

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  • surprise!

    They wanted to show the problem that was caused by their failure to inform the public as the responsibility of the USPS.

    If the news media has no standard of accountability, why do we need the first amendment?

  • Fed up

    Maybe next year KSBW can pay the wages of the Postal employees to work late so the public who waits till the hour to file their taxes can be bailed out. Must be nice to be able to mislead the public to get a head line. Great job!

  • BobOfArslan

    What even happened to ethics in broadcast news? Walter Concrite would never put out this drivel.

  • moose

    worked for the USPS for 35 years. Never did understand why longer hours and extended collection times were arranged for people who waited 105 days to do their taxes……………