USPS, Postmasters continue talks on POStPLAN implementation


napusThe Postal Service and NAPUS President, Tony Leonardi along with League President, Mark Strong continue to discuss final POStPLAN implementation.

Post Offices were scheduled to be notified of their daily earned workhours using FY 2013 data by close of PQ II (03/31/2014). The delay in notification by Postal Service was due to ongoing discussions and validation of data.

A determination and timeline on implementation is expected soon. We will update our website when information is finalized.



  • postee

    Information is probably not finalized because they plan on using the old data from 2011 in order to cut as many offices as possible, even offices that would not be cut at all, if CURRENT data was used. I really don’t think the Postal Service bean counters ever intended to use any data but the old 2011 data.

  • Ed Chaffin

    NAPUS & the League did nothing but sell out Postmasters. If I survive POSt Plan and land another PM job I dare any of these bastards to send me info to join them.

  • Jeanette Longo

    I just love the fact the PMG has hired 3700 new people.He then turned around and made 400 new career people.What is NAPUS or the LEAGUE doing for the 4000 career postmaster that are being pushed over board. Not a thing.But they still hold out their hands every month to be paid.

  • Vera Hopeful

    Vera with a VISP coming? Simple math: if 1650 PM do not qualify for a DSR but get a severance pay of $40,000 over the next yr that would equal $66 million. If 1650 PM take a vera with a VSIP of $20,000 that would equal $33 million. Higher paid PM off rolls, younger PM move up making less $ than the ones leaving. The USPS saves money!?!

    • common sense

      Couple of problems with your numbers. You’re assuming that the USPS would lay off 1650 postmasters- something they’ve never done, and have repeatedly said they have no intention of doing. You have to be laid off, AND ineligible for retirement to qualify for severance pay. I strongly suspect that a large number of PMs whose offices might close are, or will be eligible for immediate retirement, either because of age & service or VERA. None of them would be eligible for severance.

      As for PMs who aren’t eligible for retirement, why would the USPS give them a bonus for leaving? It obviously needs letter carriers. All USPS has to do is offer you a new position as a letter carrier somewhere, and if you choose not to accept it, you’re gone- no additional severance or bonus required.

      Finally, the USPS is looking to get rid of positions it no longer needs- it isn’t looking to reshuffle the existing work force. The USPS isn’t looking to replace “top step” postmasters with lower step postmasters. Where they need to replace people, they’re looking to replace career employees, whether they’re postmasters, letter carriers, whatever, with low paid temp workers with few or no benefits. That may be disappointing if your wishing for an early retirement with a bonus, but that’s the reality.