UPS Fires 250 Drivers After They Protested A Coworker’s Firing


Two hundred fifty employees of the United Parcel Service (UPS) walked off the job for 90 minutes in February to protest the firing of one of their coworkers, Jairo Reyes. Reyes had driven for the company for over 20 years, and they felt his firing (which occurred after a complicated saga over the hours that senior UPS workers could hold) was unfair.

This week, all of those employees were given a pink slip, New York Daily News reports. “They just called me in … (and) said, ‘Effective immediately, you are no longer on the payroll,'” one UPS employee told the outlet.

Read more: UPS Fires 250 Drivers After They Protested A Coworker's Firing | ThinkProgress.

  • All Your TSP Belong To Us !

    Typical heavy handed, draconian, martinet mgmt tactics.

  • postalworker1


  • SalubriousET

    So what are the Teamsters going to do to get your jobs back. Sorry, but at the USPS we’d let the union handle it since we know we’d get shitcanned if we walked off the job.

  • Kelly Jones

    Can’t have the lunatics controlling the asylum.

  • teabagr

    In response to UPS’s firing of 250 drivers in Queens, NY I just
    notified QVC that I will no longer purchase products from them, because QVC uses UPS to deliver packages.

    Unfortunately It takes hitting UPS’s larger customers in the wallet
    to get pressure put on UPS to understand that the bottom 99% will not be dragged back to the age of robber barons by corporate America without a fight.