Fox News personality attacks DOJ for not prosecuting USPS credit card abusers

Celebrating The Arts In American Dinner Party With Distinguished Women In Media Presented By Landmark Technology Inc. And The Creative Coalition - ArrivalsIt probably won’t come as a surprise that Fox News is livid about reports that USPS managers misused government travel cards. Last night the network’s reigning outrage queen, Scientologist Greta Van Susteren, went off on the Attorney General for not immediately sending those managers to Guantanamo:

For reasons not totally unclear to me, Holder and the Justice Department are not prosecuting the postal service manager who got caught stealing $35,000. She is using her government credit card for gambling, rental cars, personal things and each wrongful use of her credit card is a separate felony.

Now Greta is supposedly an actual lawyer, so you’d think she’d do a little research before going off on a tantrum, even on Fox News, but she obviously didn’t bother this time.

So let’s help Greta understand this one:

  1. First of all, no one was “caught stealing” anything. As we’ve pointed out before, government travel cards are issued in the name of the cardholder, NOT the US Postal Service. If some idiot manager uses his government travel card for “personal things”, it’s the idiot manager who gets billed and is responsible for making payment, NOT the USPS or “the taxpayer”.
  2. Greta asks “And one other thing, why is the government issuing credit cards? That is so crazy.” Actually Greta, the government doesn’t issue the credit cards- Citibank does. Of course, I suppose you could make the case that Citibank and the rest of its Wall Street buddies pretty much run the government in this country, so Greta’s confusion is understandable.
  3. So Greta, how do you guys at Fox News handle travel expenses? “We use our own credit cards and submit receipts showing legitimate expenses and that we get reimbursed. That way, no stealing.” Hey great idea! But that’s pretty much what happens at the USPS too, except for the business about “using our own credit cards”. Of course Greta probably likes using her own credit card, because that way she gets perks like rebates, frequent flier miles, etc. I somehow doubt that Greta flies coach!

As we’ve said before, postal employees who abuse government travel cards don’t deserve to work for the USPS- and if they actually have broken any laws, they should be prosecuted (although lawyer Greta doesn’t explain exactly what law makes every instance of credit card misuse “a separate felony”.) . But it would be nice if we could stick to the facts instead of making up phony scandals just so extremists with an axe to grind can rant and rave about them.

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  • BigBob

    Thanks for watching fox news so I don’t have to.

  • Ron

    I know of one manager who they attempted to fire, but in the end was busted back to craft for credit card misuse…if the above manager is misusing the travel card, then some recourse/discipline should be forthcoming…up to firing her.

  • postalworker1

    Before they r guilty lets run the whole story 1st

  • nune to bright

    Isn’t Fox news parent Co. ( Murdock holdings ) Being taken to court in the UK for various misdeeds ? Think we are throwing rocks in glass houses

  • postalworker1


  • Georgia

    The USPS does NOT receive any taxpayer money. They rely solely on revenue. Please check the facts before you blast the entire P.O. most of which are hard working clerks and carriers. And they do NOT get credit cards!

  • mare

    Wow! You people are scary! Greta is absolutely right. This woman should lose her job and be prosecuted. This wasn’t this managers personal card, it was issued by USPS. Your type of mob thinking is exactly what we all have against the Postal Service. Union thugs have made you all lose your knowledge of right and wrong. What does being a Scientologist have to do with this article? Far left smear campaign against anyone who doesn’t think like you. Typical Union crap. The PO should stop handing out credit cards and start paying their bills that are gigantic and out of proportion because of the UNIONS. Deal with it!