The USPS, where you can still send a letter to the Belgian Congo

Colby College professor Laura Seay notes that the twenty-first century US Postal Service will happily accept mail for that nineteenth century destination, the “Belgian Congo”.

Twitter / texasinafrica: The United States Postal Service, ….

  • surprise!

    Perhaps Codby College Professor, Laura Seay needs an education. A Sixth Grade student may be able to help her with reading and the use of an encyclopedia.

    The picture showing the button for the Belgian Congo also had “Democratic Republic of the Congo” written on it. The choice of the name Belgian Congo is obviously for easy recognition. Americans are likely the most geographically illiterate people in the world.

    If Laura had bothered to look up the Belgian Congo on Wikipedia she would have seen that the Belgian Congo existed between 1908 and 1960. The Congo Free State that existed before 1908 was controlled by the crown. It was not Belgian Congo.

    So, the Postal Service could not possibly have sent mail to the Belgian Congo in the 19th century.