Bronx residents go 2 months with no mail- USPS fixes problem when TV news crew shows up

WABC in New York has a report on an apartment building where residents have gone without mail delivery because of vandalized mailboxes. A few hours after the WABC news crew showed up at the post office, though, the problem had been miraculously repaired, and all of the mail delivered:

NEW YORK (WABC) — Most of us pick up our mail on a daily basis without giving it a second thought, just grabbing it from our mailbox.

But for dozens of people in the Bronx, it got much more complicated.

"It just opens like that?" 7 On Your Side’s Nina Pineda asked.

"Yeah," said Rita Davies, Co-op City resident.

"So you haven’t gotten your mail in two months?" Pineda asked,

"No," Davies said.

A supervisor said she was aware of the problem.

But, just a few hours after 7 On Your Side’s visit there was progress.

All of the locks were fixed and mail delivered.

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    A miracle of miracles.

  • helpmeman

    the owner of the building fixed the boxes not the post office get your facts straight

  • Disgusted

    Why weren’t the boxes repaired immediately? Taking responsibility is a forgotten virtue! Too many lazy crybabies out there! Get off your dead butts and get to the root of the problem!
    The Post Office doesn’t wipe noses when they are running either!

  • Retired Mailman

    those boxes are owned and maintained by Co-op City not the post office.

    • Mail man

      They are responsible for locks though. Took 2 weeks for supervisor to get box on my route fixed. In the meantime I was walking the mail up all the flights of stairs going door to door for customers. Management may not care, but the carriers do!