PMG tells employees he doesn’t want to privatize USPS

From USPS News Link:

The news media, blogs and social media often comment that some Postal Service initiatives — or recommendations in pending legislation — are steps toward privatizing the organization.

No one is planning to privatize USPS.

“USPS is doing all it can to grow business, not sell it off,” said PMG Pat Donahoe. “Initiatives like business and retail partnerships will benefit employees by helping build growth and financial stability into the future.”

Retail alliances — where USPS sells products and services through Approved Shippers, Contract Postal Units, or Village Post Offices —  give customers more choices where and when they can purchase postal products and services.

These relationships also secure the long-term future of the Postal Service — a goal all stakeholders want. “These partnerships provide greater value and convenience for our current customers and also will attract new customers,” said Donahoe. “This is good for the organization and for our employees.”

Donahoe said USPS is doing what any business that wants to survive and prosper does — adapting to a rapidly changing marketplace and meeting customer needs. “If we don’t adjust, we’ll become another outdated 20th century business — stuck with a rigid business model that doesn’t work,” he said.

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  • givemeabreak

    If Donahoe was Pinnochio, his nose would be growing longer every time he speaks!

  • Enough said

    What the union’s and employees don’t trust is Donahoe himself. He has lied to the employees several times and he has no problem misleading the employees while speaking to the media. His lies are recorded as true statements, recorded by the media. He thinks he knows best for the employees. Someone with no experience at all in health care, just decides to put all employees in a Postal health plan. When the experts have all said, by doing this he would destabilize the entire federal workforces health plan. Not to mention some other very important issues with his decision. He signed an agreement for a new contract with the APWU. He called it a wonderful agreement for the employees, the Postal Service and the stakeholders. This is not a quote, but basically that is what he said. Then before the ink was dry on the contract agreement, he asked congress to dissolve the agreement? Also, you don’t grow business when you take away all the blue mail boxes on the corner of each street and close and reduce hours & staffing of post offices. Also, while eliminating hundreds of processing plants. To grow business you allow access for your customers to use those services. Donahoe has taken the postal service to the brink and because of is mismanagement, it may never come back. You can give upper management all the fancy titles, copying a corporation. But the postal service is a service to the American public, for a affordable means of communication. If some day it dies as a service, so be it! Ask the unions and employees, if the Postal Service does anything remotely similar to private corporations and they would laugh in your face. The Postal Service has service the American public very well for hundreds of years. I wouldn’t be so quick to jump on the corporate band wagon. Remember they’re the ones with their greed that put this country in the “great recession”. Also, corporate America is in fluke, they are constantly, reducing closing, firing all in the name of profits. Good move on the PMG’s part for signing an agreements with Staples and then soon after Staples closes 250 stores? I wonder how much money was wasted with that management decision? I think I would rather stick with the title of “service” it seems to be a lot more dependable for the long haul, like maybe another 200 years! Staples on the other hand in 200 years, won’t be around or it will have been bought out by some other corporation, then they will declare bankruptcy. Enough Said!

  • Common sense

    All Postal hierarchy are in well over their heads! Money is still the root of all evils! The salaries of PCES and the unnecessary VP’s is ludicrous! These folks should wear masks to work because they are robbing the Service blind!

  • IIlIIl111

    Darryl Issa wants to privatize the Postal Service, and Donahoe is on record with agreeing to Issa’s plan. End of story.

  • texasmailman

    Issa + Donahoe = Private company.

  • Don’t believe IT!!

    then why do we have all these contract delivery routes where non postal employees are delivering the mail, transporting the mail, and repairing the vehicles???