Video: Vandals Target Mailboxes At A Denver Condo Complex

DENVER (CBS4) – Authorities say mailboxes at a Denver condominium complex have been targeted by vandals.

Two different cluster mailboxes were broken open at Jasmine Condominiums.

It’s happened three times in recent weeks with residents worried their checks may be stolen.

A notice warns residents about vandalism and possible theft of their outgoing mail.

Resident Sue said that four of her outgoing checks totaling $300 were stolen creating a huge hassle for her.

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  • surprise!

    The news has gone to great trouble to give us emotional bites and no information.

    All we know is that some mail boxes in some room were robbed. Why were these mail boxes so vulnerable? Are the boxes especially easy to break into? Is this a bad neighborhood? Is the security of the condominium extremely poor?

    I think the real question is, should this type of reporting continue to be protected by the first amendment? I don’t think news with out supporting facts should be.