Resident attacks mailman, mail stops for entire complex

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)- Some people in a senior housing complex say they haven’t had a mail delivery in a month. The mail stopped coming after an incident with the letter carrier who delivers there.

“How hard is it to get your mail? I just had surgery in December,” said Charles Jernigan, Hartford.

“I can’t walk, I’m handicapped,” said Mary Betha-Campbell, Hartford.

“You can’t be slipping and sliding to catch the bus for a whole hour, and you have to go over there every day,” said Beatrice Smith, Hartford.

There are forty apartments at 402 Albany Avenue where many residents are elderly and some bed ridden. They say the post office stopped delivering their mail more than a month ago because one of the residents attacked the letter carrier slapping and spitting on him.

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  • Tony

    Unfortunately in this instance, the good had to suffer for the actions of the bad apple! Additionally, let’s keep this situation in perspective. Why didn’t the complex manager put that idiot in his or her place and expel them from the apartment community. News flash folks… Carriers put up with an abundance of crap on a daily basis while trying to do their jobs…Customers need to leave them alone or be ready to take a pinch for their stupidity!
    As for WTNH, if someone assaulted one of your people on a recurring basis… What would you do? If this whole thing escalated into something worse, everyone would want to know why the Postal Service was still delivering there! Knowing of the problem that existed.

  • Pete

    Dead on Tony ! The problem is not the Postal Service, get rid of the trouble maker and your mail service returns to normal.

  • Michael Pepple

    mailman feels threatened going in there. I was bit by a German Shepard
    doing our office’s auxiliary route, and because the people next door to
    owners of the dog have their mailbox only about 20 feet away in the same
    alley, BOTH houses were shut off until they moved their boxes to the
    street. It’s unfortunate, but mailman needs to feel safe delivering the

  • James W Corliss

    why is the blame going to the post office? how about the attacker what happened to them?

  • JG4th

    Uh did the USPSIS press charges? make an arrest?

  • DG

    I stopped delivery to an address for three months due to a dog threat. Think I want to be bit? My personal safety is more important than mail delivery. Sorry.