Video: Stolen collection box leaves Louisville woman questioning USPS

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A West Louisville woman said she’s concerned more people have lost money than the U.S. Post Office is letting on after someone stole a postal box.

The heist happened overnight March 1. Sandra Fant, who owns The Liquor Store on West Broadway, said dropped her mail in the box that night and grew concerned after companies called to say she had missed payments. News, Weather

“I’m frustrated, because I take care of my business and I pay my bills,” Fant said. “I’ve never heard somebody talk about a mailbox being stolen. A whole mailbox?”

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  • melina

    And how is that the fault of the USPS?

    • surprise!

      The news appears to be interested in showing us her emotions and not the facts.

      However, I am under the impression that she believes that she placed the mail in the USPS box before the mail was collected that evening and that her security camera supports this.

      The missing mail box is just the icing on the cake.

      The problem is that this is inferred and not said out right.

    • joe stutzman

      I agree. is it dack daniels’ fault if u get robbed??

      • joe stutzman

        JACK daniels

  • Bocco

    There is a fairly easy and relatively low cost solution to this problem. Install a GPS device in each blue box and if it starts sending a signal that it’s moving from its location the police and postal inspectors can easily track it and catch the thieves.

  • veck

    She supposedly dropped her mail in the box prior to the box being collected by the mailman…that means her mail was no longer in the box when it was stolen…’s obvious she is full of it.

    • Kurt Heubusch


  • donny2805

    I was assigned to Christmas collections one year that had me running a route of nothing but collection boxes. I pulled up to what was supposed to be two blue boxes in an office park and all that was there was what was left of the legs, looked to be cut off with a torch. I was told a few days later by my supervisor that the thieves had discarded the empty boxes along a service road. It happens.

  • surprise!

    I do have issues with the story we are being told here.

    I also wonder where does the Postal Service responsibility begin? We claim to protect the U.S. mail. Yet, the attitude I read is that it is not our problem. Do we have a responsibility to at least try to locate these boxes in a place in which they will be secure? Is is reasonable for the Postal Service to produce boxes with security systems? Do we have a responsibility at least try to place boxes in areas where the customers will be safe while accessing the boxes?

    The blue collection boxes may be becoming a thing of the past. However, cluster boxes is what the Postal Service a trying to make the way of delivery in the future. Customers will have a greater exposure to mail receptacles being broken into in the future. We may also have to deal with people in fear of their safety when they get their mail.

    The individual situation may not be big but the issue may become huge in the future if a way is not found to deal with it.