• Rick

    Set them free!!!! only the unions want it both ways.If they were free they could set the rates and live or die at its own hands. Ed stop sucking up to the unions and start looking out for me the consumer.

    • freecountry

      Consumer? You are probably one of the idiots who pays his bills on line and lives on his Smart phone. But you’d be happy if everyone worked for WalMart wages eh?

      • doug

        Its all about the union dues

        • Phil

          You can work at USPS and not pay dues to your union ….. Next !

        • Wendy Johnson Knapp

          spoken just like a scab….

          • freecountry

            A scab who takes the money and runs….

      • Rick

        Yes I pay my bills on line and live on my Smart phone and just in case you have been in the dark all these years that’s why the PO is in this problem and if they don’t change the PO will be in the dark and the lights will be out.

        • freecountry

          It is amazing how ignorant people show just how stupid they are when you give them enough rope to hang themselves. The PO is in the position they are in BECAUSE of pre-funding. Your Smart phone is smarter than you are….

          • Rick

            Wakeup and smell the coffee if the pre-funding bill was over turned the PO would still be in trouble. Volumes have dropped and a board and congress run it so lock the doors and turn out the lights unless the PO is free to grow.

  • Kurt Heubusch

    you the consumer should want to keep usps going. as the costs of using it are better for the average consumer.union workers are also consumers with money to spend in the economy.people like you know nothing about whats going on, try ups and mail a birthday card,a package and see what that costs………

  • Mail Carrier in Ohio

    Screw you Rick and the stick pony you rode in on !

    • Rick

      The pony is UPS and Fedx you fool they are eating your lunch and the unions will be selling you that crap as they lock the doors.

      • freecountry

        UPS is union too. Now what you got to say?

  • City0427

    The reason the Post office is the state it’s in is because of people like Issa. They passed a law to rape all the profits out of the PO.
    without that mandate to pre fund the USPS would be making money.
    You say UPS and Fedx are better, who do think carries most of their packages to homes – USPS. And if you think they better at it than the PO, what happen this past holiday season, when UPS and Fedx failed to delivery their packages on time.
    And if you think consumers will be better off without the Post Office, think again. Do you think UPS will delivery a letter for 49 cents, I think NOT.