Video: Pension Checks To Retired Illinois Teachers Late

Late pension checks – Illinois reps say they mailed them on time, but for some reason, retired teachers across the state have reported missing checks.

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Even one missing payment can lead to big problems for retirees.

The State Comptroller’s office says hundreds of these checks have been cashed Friday so they’re definitely in the mail, but if people haven’t gotten they by Tuesday, the state says call the retirement system.

“Our understanding from the post office is that many checks are still making their way through the Postal Service, at any point the checks that are still out there should be arriving,” says Illinois Comptroller Spokesman Brad Hahn.

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    Direct Deposit/ETF should be made mandatory!

  • alfredo

    I agree. DD/ETF is the only way to go .

  • Reality

    The Illinois Pension System is massively underfunded. Even if the checks do arrive, they can bounce.

  • Marie_Eriksen

    Is the US some kind of developing country?
    I am from Norway. There is not at single employer in Norway that pay salaries and pensions with checks. 20 years ago there might have been some, but hey that was last century. The rest of northern Europe? Same thing. Checks are not in use any more.

    By the way. We also have computers and online banking. Even the elderly use online banking these days.

    • oldandhappy

      You are misinformed that “even the elderly use online banking.” I do not even have a computer and don’t own a cell phone! My son showed me this false statement. I don’t use direct deposit, don’t have a checkbook, and pay my bills in person. And I don’t waste all that time twitin’, facebookin’ and all that other “social media garbage.” And my life is just fine. I read three to four books a week. So you do your thing. I’ll do mine……

      • Marie_Eriksen

        Sure, do your tings. If that makes you happy, nice for you. How much time do you spend going to the banks branch office, standing i line, waiting to pay your bills in person? And the fees for paying bills in person? It’s real expensive, you know.

        Imagine what you could save if your bills where given to you direct in your online bank and payment where only one click away? Like it is for most of us. Paper is obsolete you know.

        The question you must ask yourself: Has my time got any value or do I have so much time left that I do not care if I waste it by standing in line.

        You seem to find pleasure in reading books. Bet you would find the time to read not only three or four books a week, but even manage to read five books if you move along to the 21. century.

        • oldandhappy

          Figures that some young “whipper snapper” would challenge how I want to live my life. I drive right up to the drive thru window and it takes no time at all. Probably as fast as your cell phone and I keep my $100 a month. I don’t pretend to be important enough that I feel the need to be bothered by some mindless text. Not to fiscally smart are you? My house is paid for and my car(no cell phone, for one click, or internet bills you see) My grocery store takes my utility bill for a $1. So you blow your money as you want and I’ll live just fine in MY 21st century.(21.) Now I got to go to dinner with friends and go play blackjack. “You have mail.”