Video: Postal Carrier Busted In Delaware Co. PA For Stealing Cash And Gift Cards


When customers of the U.S. Postal Service in Clifton Heights drop their cards and letters in the mail box here, they expect them to get delivered, not stolen, but that’s just what postal carrier Amina Medley is now accused of doing.

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"Very troublesome, bothersome to me personally because I rely on the postal system," said postal customer Joe Rosanio Jr. as he dropped off mail at the Clifton Heights Post Office.

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  • Chuck Roberts

    20 yrs old. One of the new CCA’s????? Just saying

    • Eric Simon

      Chuck like we have never seen this webpage show a veteran carrier such as yourself…….. who is a thief? Just Saying

      • Caroline Strong McGough

        Thank you Eric…As a CCA who’s been with the post office for over 8 years now, it gets really old hearing things like this…..

    • CCAs are EVIL!!!!

      I haven’t analyzed the average salary or seniority of accused postal criminals, but I sure remember shaking my head many times over stories of longtime career carriers, clerks, postmasters, etc., getting caught stealing just as they were about to retire from their secure good paying jobs. Just saying…

      There is nothing wrong with CCA’s. They don’t get paid less because they’re inferior- they get paid less because their lousy pay and benefits are still better than what a lot of people have to settle for these days. And there’s nothing special about people like you. You didn’t get a better job because you were such a swell guy. You were lucky. And if you were starting out right now you’d consider yourself lucky to get a CCA job.

      • Eric Simon

        CCA’s took the big pay cut sometime back (Contract) because the NALC who most CCA’s pay monthly union due’s too, sold them down the river and allowed a pay cut of almost $10 per hour to occur. Many of these CCA’s have been in their jobs for 6 to 8 years and again paying monthly union dues for the entire period. Hey Chuck what do you have to say? O’ Yea “Just Saying”

  • joel

    Gotta love the USPS Best job in the whole service is maintenance.Now thats the way to work and retire from.Now watch all the player haters comment on this statement. fire away