Postal provisions included in Obama 2015 Budget proposal


Today, President Obama unveiled his Fiscal Year 2015 Budget and it includes a number of proposals that relate to the Postal Service.

  • Refund the Postal Service the projected Federal Employees Retirement System overpayment of $5 billion, over a 2-year period
  • Recalculate the USPS retiree health liability and restructure the payments, which the Administration projects will provide the agency with about $9 billion in relief through FY 2016
  • Provide USPS authority to reduce mail frequency to 5-days a week
  • Permit the USPS to shift to curbside and centralized delivery, and codify POSTPlan
  • Extend the 4.3% exigent postage rate increase permanently, rather than ending it in January 2016

In addition, the President’s budget would permit the Office of Personnel Management to:

  • Offer FEHBP coverage for domestic partners of Federal and postal employees and retirees, beginning in 2016
  • Contract with Preferred Provider health plans, as part of the FEHBP
  • Contract directly with pharmaceutical providers
  • Permit FEHBP premium adjustments based on participant’s tobacco use and/or enrollment in a wellness program

Finally, the President’s budget does not propose to implement the so-called chained-CPI


  • Rich 08830

    Obama loves 5 day divery

  • Art

    Hurry up and just do it! Really tired of hearing about it! 5 day all the way!

  • Mailings

    Another thing they should have looked at is adjusting the buy out cap. $25,000 in 1990 would equate to $46,000 in 2014. Think of all the high paid employees that would leave if offered $46k!

    • Liam Skye

      They could make the buy-out cap $1 billion and it wouldn’t make any difference because USPS never offers even the $25K limit buyout.

    • JG4th

      If you need a “buy out” to make you go…. stay ….you ain’t ready to retire… think about it…. retirement is a life style and if you haven’t planned for it.. you won’t enjoy it