Residents of Austin TX neighborhood go for days without mail delivery

AUSTIN — Imagine not having your mail delivered for days and missing out on important bills, packages and more. It’s happening in one Central Austin neighborhood.

It’s Liz Opalka’s birthday, but she hasn’t gotten any cards in the mail. In fact, for the past three days, she hasn’t gotten mail at all.

"It’s extremely frustrating,” Opalka said. “We’re not getting any bills. We’re not getting any credit card statements, and I’m not getting any birthday cards."

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  • BigBob

    Hmmm. This seems to be a recurring theme
    here: No mail, mail late, wrong mail.
    Probably a coincidence.


    Central Park Station. Made an 8+ hour route a 4 hour auxiliary to please the higher ups. Now the manager must pay the price.

    • Eric Simon

      “Pay the Price” A true carrier showing his/her colors.

  • texasmailman

    Stories like this really make me wonder why our PMG has not been asked to step down. These instances are popping up all over the nation right now. It comes from the top, very top. Always has. situations such as this should be treated as the criminal case that it is. Meanwhile, the PMG wants to continue to downsize and eventually privatize. Their answer will be to stick a CCA out there. Give them poor service. Eventually a uninformed public will want a privatized post office,