Video: Convicted criminals found working for USPS in North Carolina


United States Post Office officials are refusing to answer questions about two more employees with criminal convictions in their pasts.

Eyewitness News first began questioning hiring practices at USPS in December 2013 after Channel 9 uncovered that a woman convicted of multiple criminal charges, including fraud, had been hired as the postmaster relief in Anson County.

Tuesday, Channel 9 learned two more USPS employees who work at postal facilities in Charlotte also have criminal convictions.

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  • Punky

    You can steal in the past prior to working for the PO or you can steal OT working for the PO. Whats the difference?

  • joe stutzman

    shouldn’t be working there. a comment and a question
    the USPS gets NO TAX MONEY
    Punky, have u ever worked for the PO? how do you steal OT? you should try being a carrier. it aint easy. you live in a dream world

    • sLiM_mC_sHaDy

      Stealing OT consists of working past your normal shift but not working, as in sitting or hiding in a break room.

  • Postman

    Supervisors and Managers steal overtime more than the craft employees,why do they ever need to stay on the clock when the supervisors and managers from the next tour are there?

  • freecountry

    Haven’t there been convicted criminals working in Washington for years?