Video: Dallas carrier skips deliveries, marks mail “return to sender”

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Officials with the United States Postal Service say they have fired a North Texas mail carrier for skipping part of his route and not delivering a significant amount of mail by simply marking the letters and packages ‘return to sender.’

A number of items returned included voter registration cards and that’s now caused concern for Dallas County elections officials.

A single voter’s complaint led the Dallas County Elections Department to investigate and discover the post office delivery issue.

Read more: Postal Delivery Concerns After Carrier Returns Mail « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth.

  • John Griffing

    Must have been a CCA with less than 90 days!!

  • TeflonPalin

    Welcome to the new world of the low-pay CCA. Thank you arbitator!

  • Punky

    You get what you pay for….

  • texascca

    Its a shame when you work the same exact job but don’t make close to what the career employees make. Not fair but it is what it is. CCAs are being abused daily and reprimanded for things that career employees don’t get a warning for

  • guestcca

    Even though CCAs are underpaid and overworked, he shouldn’t have jeopardized his possible career by doing what he did with the mail. There are some CCAs that work harder than career employees, unfortunately, he is not one of them. I hope the best for him though and feel sorry the homeowners that didn’t receive their mail.