Video: DC letter carriers say they are being forced to end shifts early

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – Rain, sleet and snow may not stop the United States Postal Service, but fear of paying overtime could keep letters from reaching your mailbox in a timely fashion.

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Some Washington, D.C. postal workers say post office management is forcing them off the street early, even when their routes are far from complete. Although a USPS spokeswoman denied any such allegations, carriers tell ABC7 that the newly established rule is being strictly enforced.

"They’re [management] constantly telling us to leave first-class mail, leave packages, everything, and it’s getting ridiculous," a veteran mail carrier, speaking on a condition of anonymity, told ABC7.

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  • Ronnie

    That mail slot is against regulations…suppose to be 30 inches from floor to bottom of slot…

  • Grimandi

    Uh, this happening in PA too. I am to be off the street by 5pm. No exceptions. Just bring the mail back to the post office.

  • MikeS

    We’ve been doing it in Ohio too. Off the street by 5:30 no matter what.

  • Kingfisher552

    New Jersey here. We used to have the 5:00 pm rule, but now, 6 to 7 or later is the norm. Keep waiting for a CCA, but the
    GOON hates our PM, so we are SOL.

  • Nalc

    Can’t keep cca’s due to poor pay, no benefits, and hard working conditions. Get a clue, and pay these people at least $20.00 an hour, and bennies!

    • Monique J Gagnier

      Thank You NALC! I couldn’t agree more. I’m actually one of these CCA’s (Former TE’s) that HAD to take the $5.90/Hour pay cut. They said, “Oh you’ll make up for it in benefits”. Now I get a little larger uniform allowance BUT now I have to also pay a premium for my Dental and Vision Insurance. I STILL can’t afford Health Insurance because they aren’t contributing to the Single only Plan option. The real kicker is that the work expectations remained the same. BECAUSE I have work ethics and also now need to work harder to make up for the pay cut, I’ve been maintaining my same quality. In return I’m expected to keep up my pace 6 days a week, 60 hours and not get hurt. I try my best then Customers complain to me when I fill in on a route about the Regular Carrier OR they assume I’m the Regular Carrier and I get an ear-full. I look forward to the day when I can have my own route and work a healthy 40-50 hours and get the pay that I DESERVE for my QUALITY of work.

  • not liing the dream

    In Idaho too can’t keep CCAs – aging workforce – first class letters and flats not even sorted to carriers daily now – management’s excuse for delayed mail daily – “not enough clerks – mail late from plant” – items with delivery scans are what’s important now since they are tracked. Solution by USPS is start carriers later, leave routes uncovered daily, mandate carriers to work overtime, require carriers back by 5PM, 6PM. What a nightmare!!! But we have plenty of supervisors to do all the reports for the USPS to show the “numbers” for the top dogs to sway Congress. Of course the documents are BS, but h### it looks good on paper and a computer printed it out so if must be correct. Unbelievable!!!

    • Willy D’s

      Remember this old adage – Figures don’t lie-But liars figure.