Canadian business mailers move forward despite “devastating” changes imposed by Canada Post

From the National Association of Major Mail Users:

nammuTuesday February 18, 2014….In the wake of devastating, unforeseen financial and other impairments to be imposed on the commercial users of mail by Canada Post, business users are scrambling to adjust media plans and priorities. Protests continue through appropriate channels but mailers are not leaving themselves open to more surprises. The VAM community is being pushed to accelerate media diversification capabilities; in-house resources are focused on alignment of media cost to existing budgets. As large volume users of Lettermail react to the 15 per cent increase with these tactics and more, SMEs creatively seek alternatives from a smaller menu of options. The short lead time is the second most critical issue next to the magnitude of the increase, followed closely by the uncertainty of consumer behavior with CMBs, particularly for time-sensitive material. There is some hope that concessions may be made on weight and minimum volume specs but lacking any certainty, the industry is moving forward on what has been tabled.

What will the “new normal” look like for mail?


  • Surprise!

    I am sure glad Canada made this move. Now, we in the U.S. can watch what happens in the long term.