Video: Postal Service Gets ‘Licked’ by Ice Storm in South Carolina

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) — Operations in the Midlands and Upstate have been hampered because roads and highways have been impassible, limiting the number of employees who were able to get to work and impacting the postal service’s ability to move mail between facilities.

Even for 30-year-old postal worker veteran, Shane Hollohan, this week’s snow and ice storm in the Midlands, he says, was unprecedented.

“You can’t walk at your normal gait,” he said on his normal foot-route in the Shandon area. “You gotta move real careful as you’re walking. The footing’s worse on people’s steps.”

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  • Diana Bogatitus

    Don’t fall down. You will get a letter of warning. And like me it will prevent you from reassigning to your dream job.