Video: Massachusetts postal worker accused of stealing mail

(NECN: Katelyn Tivnan, Malden, Mass.) – A Massachusetts postal worker is facing charges after allegedly stealing from mailboxes.

Police arrested Steven Bozzi of Malden Saturday after a lengthy investigation into thefts at blue mailboxes.

They believe he has been stealing thousands of letters and packages for months.

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    The defense attorney says he has absolutely no record and has ties to the community, with a house, and a wife and three kids. There may be a drug problem we can blame this on.
    It has only been going on for months and there were only 7,000 pieces of mail found in his home. Who knows how many have been destroyed? In six months we’ll read how this model citizen received a stiff fine and lengthy probation, maybe.
    There is a proliferation of thefts throughout the postal
    network. If you do get caught just pay back the money and maybe receive a fine. Without any real jail time (not probation that everybody gets) there is no deterrent. There is a story about stealing mail/stamps or forging money orders every day!

    • common sense

      That’s just stupid. Of course there’s a deterrent- THEY LOSE THEIR JOB! Maybe you’re independently wealthy, but I couldn’t afford to lose my job or my pension! Plus THEY GET A CRIMINAL RECORD! Try getting a decent job after 1) You’ve been fired from the post office, (which most people think is almost impossible), and 2), you’re a convicted criminal whose name is all over the newspapers, TV, radio and web!


        Of course! For most rational people the fear of losing their job (great pay, benefits, pension, etc.) would be a deterrent. But, did that deter this person who continued on for months and amassed 7,000 pieces of mail that we know of?
        Maybe it was the drugs that affected his thinking, and will surely be his defense. What about all the other workers who finally get caught who I read about almost daily? The problem is that for the USPS to investigate there must be a litany of complaints. Many people get away with random acts of theft. The ones who get caught are habitual and don’t care about the consequences.

        • common sense

          Ummm- that was my point. There is plenty of deterrent for a rational person to realize that he’s not going to get away with stealing.

          As you say, though, “The ones who get caught are habitual and don’t care about the consequences.” So whatever deterrent you want to add (life in prison, death penalty, whatever) isn’t going to work- and it’s just going to cost the taxpayer more in the long run to store these people in prison.

          Beyond that, there’s no evidence that the USPS is any worse than any other employer in terms of crime. It’s just a fact of life that with half a million or so employees, there’s going to be thefts. In a city with half a million residents, you’d probably expect a crime of some kind every day, wouldn’t you? One theft every day among a half million people equates to a crime rate of just 0.0002%! Most police chiefs would kill for that!