EAS employees get 1% raise, PFP and awards programs reinstated

From the National Association of Postal Supervisors:

naps-logoThe Postal Service has released a directive outlining a 1% salary increase for non-bargaining employees effective on Saturday, January 25, 2014. In addition, PFP ratings will apply for FY 2014 salary determinations and the suspension of the employee awards program has been lifted.

Text of the letter from USPS Labor Relations VP Doug Tulino to NAPS President Louis Atkins:

Dear Mr. Atkins:

The Postal Service has faced unprecedented financial challenges over the last few years. During these difficult times. our organization has continued to provide outstanding service to the American public.

Our supervisory, managerial, Postmaster, and all non-bargaining employees have contributed to the Postal Service’s success during these difficult times. In recognition of their efforts. nonbargaining employees will receive a one percent 1%) salary increase to be implemented effective January 25, 2014. In addition, as provided in the Postal Service’s pay decisions for 2011-2015. Pay-for-Performance (PFP) ratings will apply to salary determinations in fiscal year (FY) 2014.

Effective January 25. 2014. the July 11, 2011, suspension of the employee awards program for non-bargaining employees will be lifted for FY2014. This will provide managers the opportunity to recognize employees for exceptional performance in FY2014.

Lastly, we consulted with you on the issue of adjective descriptions for the PFP Program. The Postal Service will eliminate the four category-descriptions included in the PFP Matrix outlined in the 2011-2015 pay decision. The terms Non-Contributor, Contributor, High Contributor, and Exceptional Contributor will no longer be used in the Performance Evaluation System, but the Postal Service will continue to use four performance levels for reduction-in-force (RIF) purposes. The effects of this change will be implemented to ensure compliance with applicable veterans’ preference laws and regulations.


Doug A. Tulino

  • Retired Supervisor

    Wow, 1% raise for compensation for supervisor’s efforts for the past three years. For a first line supervisor that’s about $2.00 a day. Not enough to get a daily cup of coffee at Starbuck’s. Good job NAPS.

    • Guest

      You get what you earn. lol lol. And that’s a cup of coffee a day. Be thankful they didn’t take from ,,,,,,,,

      • John Griffing

        Well us TE’s who stayed to become CCA’s certainly earned much better than our 30% PAY CUT!!!

        • Gregg Grubbs

          Amen John!!

    • guest

      City carrier who owns stock in Starbucks thanks to mismanagement and understaffing. Drink up supervisor!

      • Truth

        Buck up or shut up…..Stupid posts by craft losers who want all the perks, but no responsibilities. Do your jobs the best you can. Carriers, clerks, or supervisors…..quit fighting each other and work together or you all will fail….

    • Postal Pete

      Don’t forget PFP is where the big raises come from and there is no justification for EAS employees getting PFP bonus’s rolled into their pay when Donablow claims we are losing billions and will become insolvent by October if a Congress does not pass a reform bill.

  • jim

    the post office would be in the black if there were no management

  • Tony

    A 1% raise! BIG EFFEN DEAL! The idiot who thinks the P.O. Would be better off with no managers should try it some time!
    It’s the quickest way to expose all the imposters!

    • mike

      i did try it, now i’m back working for a living

  • David Bell Retired Postal Em

    The Non-bargaining employees of the Postal Service haven’t done a damn thibng to improve service, cut spending or waste. All they have done is drive the cost of postage up and waste the funds in the coppers. Bonuses for trying to destroy the Postal Service is against the law. These are Federal Employees. They do not except GIFTS, BOUNES, or anythiong else that id forbidden by law. They are over paid, lazy people that have been stealing from the PUBLIC. They treat the money in the Postal Service as their own when it belongs to the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES. The Postal Service is in the RED DUE TO MISS MANAGMENT, not lack of public use. When Bulk Business Mail is processed and delivered before First Calss Letters and Fro the cost of 1 piece of First Class Mail they let businesses send thousands of pieces through the Bulk Business Mail plan. Where is the profits? How can you make money if you are giving away the service almost for free? The thieves in the UPPER MANAGEMENT are taking millions of dollars and not going to prison. Yet should a postal worker steal from the mail they get a prision sentence or fired. The Government doesn’t own the POstal Service, The People do. They are supposed to manage it in the best interest for the People.

    • Mr. Obvious

      Relax and enjoy your retirement. Life is short. Be happy the Postal Service provides a good wage for the job we do. May God bless you and your family.

    • Eric Simon

      Obviously another happy employee or former employee. I suggest the next time you go on a rant for all to read have somebody “proof read” your product prior to hitting send? By the way I’m thinking you would have never made it in management….just saying

      • Maria Tate

        Oh don’t be so sure of that! I once had a supervisor who was so proud of herself after deciding that we would separate undeliverable parcels into three separate containers. The first would hold last names beginning with A-F, the second, G-P, and the last M-Z. 😉

    • guest

      Use spell check lately?

  • Postal Peter

    Guess what? according to Donawhore,the PO is broke! but we can continue giving already overpaid EAS employees more raises and PFP bonus’s! The USPS,where incompetence is rewarded.

  • Retired and Happy

    Total bullshit, unbelievable, how many of these assholes were out delivering mail recently. For that matter EVER!!!!


      Dork ….delivering mail is not their job. Rural Carriers, City Carriers and HCR’s deliver mail. Check your contract! Futhermore……show up for work and a PM won’t have to deliver the mail.

      • 204BS

        Spoken like a true management stooge. How about management actually WORKS when they show up.

  • jim

    please let these so called eas employees out in the private sector. they will get fired on the spot. the private sector dont want liars uneducated idiots and butt kissers. you boys better hope they dont privitize the po . the party is over !!!!!!

  • jim

    if a bird had eas for a brain it would fly backwards !!!!!! get some common sense eas dummies

  • matt

    Quit then! All the ccas we’ve had the last 6 month (3) have quit! None of the regulars have! I started as a casual making 10 dollars an hour working 7 days a week. We ran express on sunday. While regulars were making double that! I put in my time got hired as a ptf made regular and now make step O pay. Stop you bitching put in your time and you too will make step O pay. OR QUIT!!!