USPS centralizes field TACS operations in Eagan

From USPS News Link:

Time and Attendance Collection System (TACS) functions have recently been merged into a TACS Help Desk, located at the Eagan, MN, Accounting Service Center.

The change streamlines processes and cuts costs. The new facility is expected to save the Postal Service more than $15 million annually.

The TACS Help Desk uses a shared services environment developed by a Lean Six Sigma team. According to Accounting Services Manager Jean Parris, the help desk uses the “same call center software package used by the customer contact center, so we are leveraging existing technology.”

In October 2013, the project team began consolidating timekeeping processes at the Eagan location. These functions had previously been handled by hundreds of clerks in districts around the country. “We’re about two-thirds of the way towards bringing support into Eagan from all of the districts in the country,” said Parris.

Parris also said a new streamlined process allows help desk agents to assist field supervisors and managers by email, fax and telephone, with a variety of TACS services, including creation of time-keeping badges.

“We have centralized and standardized the creation of all the time-keeping badges,” said Parris. “We can turn around badge requests in short order. We can generate the badge and use Priority Mail to quickly get them out to the field.”

When the consolidation process is completed at the end of January, the TACS Help Desk staff of 100 clerks will be able to perform the work that was previously done in the field.

“This is really a process that allows us to be more efficient and provide consistent service,” said Parris.