USPS testing mobile POS technology

From USPS News Link:


USPS is testing a new mobile point-of-sale (POS) technology designed to reduce wait-time-in-line for most routine retail transactions.

The new technology — Mobile Point of Sale, or mPOS — uses a modified iPod hand-held device and printers. With mPOS, lobby assistants can scan and accept prepaid packages, scan package pickups as delivered, or sell stamps, ReadyPost and other retail products. Retail associates also can use mPOS to sell Priority Mail flat-rate postage.

During the holiday season, the 50 facilities testing mPOS processed more than 102,000 transactions using the technology. A retail associate can accept payments with mPOS by swiping credit cards and non-PIN debit cards. A customer can choose to accept a hard-copy receipt or have one emailed to a personal email address.

The mPOS system consists of three pieces of equipment — the iPod hand-held device, a portable receipt printer and a postage printer. With mPOS, lobby assistants can greet and assist many customers with simple transactions, allowing them to “swipe and go.”

Retail Channel Operations VP Kelly Sigmon says mPOS is the latest example of how USPS is taking advantage of technology to improve the customer experience. “We’re now in the process of updating many of our retail technology platforms,” she says. “New technology will make it easier for retail associates to better assist our customers.”

  • Clerk

    What a joke, With all the cuts in clerk staffing, there are never enough clerks to staff the window, nevermind have a lobby assistant.

    • xy

      You’re kidding right?
      They hire and pay the lobby associate minimum wage and don’t let them join the union. No work rights and horrible working conditions at low wages.
      Lets WalMart the Post Office Staff !

      • PM1234

        It wouldn’t be a clerk performing the functions. Not a retail clerk anyway. They have different levels of clerks, some which are just processing clerks. They ARE union employees and ARE postal employees. They receive the same pay and would just have to be trained to use the equipment as most clerks, no matter what form, have a simple knowledge of operations.

  • John Griffing

    POS = Piece of S#**

  • Joe

    What on earth are they doing using Apple products. It’s just asking for trouble. They should have chosen an in-house developed solution which can be maintained. This is just going to end with exacerbated costs due to premium hardware and re-development every time Apple comes out with the latest and greatest.

    • EvilJohn

      The sleds for the devices cost more than the iPods, and there aren’t sleds for Android devices. At this point, it’s really the only choice.

      • sulfide

        not true at all

    • common sense

      You can’t be seriously suggesting that the USPS develop its own mobile POS hardware and software can you?? When did they develop that expertise? And as far as “premium hardware” is concerned, the current touch starts at $229- not exactly extravagant.

      My concern would be how much they’re paying for the add ons, both hardware and software,required to actually do the POS function. Why would they need to “re-develop” when Apple comes out with an upgraded OS? No one forces you to upgrade. I have a 2nd generation touch that’s still going strong after almost five years of daily use- and Apple stopped offering OS upgrades for it in 2011!

  • Andrew Zimmerman

    Ppl be sad they use iFizzles because they jelly.

  • Billy

    I went to the Post Office to buy stamps on Dec.18.A mPOS lady was working the line ahead of me. I was surprised at how fast she was helping people wrap packages,attach address labels etc.She sold me 4 books of stamps,printed me a receipt and I was on my way.This is a very good time saver for the public and cost saver for USPS.

  • Jerry Moles

    Went to the Davis, California post office and the service a the POS desk was terrific. The clerk had decorated the station and was kind and generous with her time. The service is always good there but this was exceptional. I think the clerk’s name was Estela. She deserves a raise!