• Rich 08830

    The pre-funding of healthcare came about in 2005 when the Postal Service had a $6 Billion surplus. Being a quasi-monopoly and established not to make profit but to provide a service, the Congress decided to take the surplus and pre-fund future healthcare benefits. In my opinion, we should stop the pre-funding and since mail volume is down 20% eliminating one day delivery would equate to 20% of service. This is obvious.

    • Postal worker

      Eliminate Wednesday or Thursday so it won’t create delivery problems with Monday holidays.

      • freecountry

        Business wants their mail during the work week and who wants to work a split work week???

  • Gregg Grubbs

    Darrell Issa is an Asshole!! This Junior Moron has no Idea what is going on at the USPS.Typical Republican gutter trash with to many cards on the table.He should focus on what he does best,Steal Cars.

  • jeff

    well i guess we have to look at how smart Cal. is, who keeps putting him in office , is it that hard to beat out somebody that waist so much money O yea thats right look at Cal. again a state that need to file chapter 13 lol and they talk about us hillbillies from ohio and WV