PBS Newshour video: Is the postal service going the way of the pony express?

The U.S. Post Office announced that the price of a first class stamp will rise from 46 to 49 cents in late January. Rising costs and diminishing usage may endanger future of mail delivery. Canada is phasing out urban delivery service in the next few years.

Read more: Is the postal service going the way of the pony express? | PBS NewsHour | Dec. 29, 2013 | PBS.

  • Jim Roach

    Still they didn’t mention the prefunding!

    • Postal worker

      Greedy politicians who voice voted the pre funding in and the big mailers are the main entities in charge of postal destruction. Also of interest is the conflict of interest created namely by a congress woman’s husbands company selling off Postal facilities far below market value but yet the other politicians remain silent. I say we need a special prosecuter to investigate and jail the whole corrupt bunch!

  • guest

    nventional wisdom is that “americans depend on private couriers” the reality is that private couriers depend on the USPS for last mile delivery. During the holidays, I delivered HUNDREDS of Surepost and Smartpost packages for Fed Ex and USPS. Nationwide, the USPS delivers MILLIONS of packages for private couriers every year. Briefly, it is not economically feasible for private couriers to deliver to every address in the country when USPS is going there anyway. This is especially true in rural areas. Despite the “news” the post Office made a profit of 600 Million this year delivering mail. Our “losses” this year were on account of a congressional mandate to prefund 5.5 BILLION in future reitree health care funds. I really expect more from PBS, a company that unlike the USPS, DOES rely on government funding for its operations. The Postal Service is a check on the rates private couriers charge for shipping. If not for our ubiquitous deliver network, shipping rates charged by private companies would go skyhigh. A little more research and a little less fox news type reporting would be appreciated

    • Yane

      Thumbs up!! Never better explained. Too sad for PBS’s work

  • Rich 08830

    The Postal Service spent $3.5 Billion in overtime this year. I personally worked 250 hours in overtime making an additional $10,000. For this same $10,000 they could have used CCAs who make $15 per hour and gotten a total 650 hours of mail delivery vs. paying someone senior making $40/hr and getting less productivity with 250 hours.

    • Postal worker

      The public views Postal workers as lazy but yet cca’s quit when they see how hard the job is. In addition many letter carriers support 5 day delivery. I question if their true motivation is the survival of the USPS or their desire for weekends off. If the 6th delivery day eliminated were say Wednesday instead of saturday ,which would remove all the problems and mail delays caused by Monday holidays if Saturday delivery were stopped, I wonder if these same carriers would still support 5 day drlivery

  • jimj

    great comment rich,this is one of the reasons to go 5 day delivery less ot