Video: Bold Thieves Stealing Entire NDCBUs In California

EASTVALE ( — Bold thieves have been stealing mailboxes in the community of Eastvale and officials say the victims of the crime might end up paying for it.

KCAL9′s Crystal Cruz reports that residents who live in newer developments are the biggest targets.

Specifically, the thieves have been making off with entire group mailboxes.

Read more: Bold Thieves Stealing Mailboxes In Inland Empire Community « CBS Los Angeles.

  • Nalc

    Perhaps cameras could be installed?

  • Gregg Grubbs

    Sounds like an inside job!! Just ask Don Henley!!

    • Mr. Nixie

      Or Darryl Issa!

  • Bocco

    Gee, it seems installing a cheap GPS inside each ndcbu would certainly be helpful. As soon as the box was moved from its location the GPS could send a signal that law enforcement could immediately track.