USPS to require cremated remains to be shipped via express mail

Beginning Dec. 26, customers using the Postal Service to ship cremated remains — human and animal ashes — in the U.S. must use Priority Mail Express service.

The Postal Service will no longer send cremated remains by Registered Mail.

Priority Mail Express service provides 1- or 2-day scheduled delivery with a guarantee, offering faster delivery than Registered Mail. Also, Priority Mail Express includes improved tracking and provides day-specific delivery information.

The Postal Service also recently introduced a Label 139, Cremated Remains, which retail associates apply to shipments when customers tell them a package contains cremated remains.

  • POGuy

    In my 32 plus years we’ve never lost a Registered mail piece, I can’t say that for Express!!!!!!

    • coast office worker

      Yes, but the registered mail stream is often times days slower than the regular mail stream. All the accountability along the way can delay a registered piece. The BIG city near me even stopped dispatching accountable mail on Saturdays. Everything just sat in the Registry Room at the Plant until Monday morning.

      • POGuy

        Better late than NEVER!

  • Jimbob

    The whole ideal behind Registered Mail is someone signs for it at every step, not express mail. Express Mail still gets lost, but it makes more money!