Video: Overstuffed Houston area mailboxes have postal customers concerned

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Stuffed and overflowing mailboxes at Houston area post offices have customers concerned the postal service is putting their mail and personal information at risk.

Mail was practically spilling out of the blue mailboxes outside of the Julius Melcher Post Office on Timmons when we stopped by and customers here say this is common.

"I don’t know if they’re not emptying them or if they just don’t have adequate boxes," one customer told us.

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  • fUD

    Customers concerns are really none of our concern.

    • freecountry

      And that is precisely the problem! You sound like a CCA that has jumped into management.

  • David Fix

    What jackass would let their mail hang out of a mail box that is full?
    Either take it to another mail box or call the post office and tell them!

    • Nick Danger

      Sounds to me like the collection boxes outside the PO

    • freecountry

      It is not their job to call the PO and tell them their box is full. And why should they be inconvenienced to have to drive to another PO? Seriously?? It is our business!! And with statements like yours it is easy to see how we are losing customers. Your concern is overwhelming…

    • Punky

      Those “jackasses” are called customers…

      • Bill

        Agree but I wouldn’t leave my mail sticking out, just get off my fat behind & walk it inside DOH!

  • antecoco

    i am sure somebody push a big box into this collectors and the rest o the mail can’t go thru, that happens very often in my area

  • WmNoelle Patton

    Christmas card mailing was way way up at my town this year. The outside collection box at my office is normally only half full; this year I was having to empty it multiple times a day. Seemed to me that people were mailing more cards this year than last.

  • donny2805

    Probably a jammed neck, or somebody is not taking a large mailing inside and just dumps it in the blue box.