Canada Post’s secret plan to get lazy seniors some fresh air

Columnist Warren Kinsella in yesterday’s Sun on Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra’s plan to eliminate mail delivery- it’s all about helping seniors!

Here’s what Chopra said when asked about his idiotic plan to eliminate urban home delivery, and thereby force Canadian seniors to slog through snowbanks and foul weather to some distant “community mail box” to get their mail:

“Seniors are telling me, ‘I want to be healthy. I want to be active in my life.’ They want to be living fuller lives.”

Get that? Seniors are saying to him that they need more exercise, says this Conservative Party appointee.

Confined to a wheelchair? Got a bad hip or knee? Too bad!

Chopra and his boss, Stephen Harper, apparently think all you Canadian seniors out there are lazy and slothful, and — without consultation, without warning — they want to eliminate the mail delivery you’ve had your entire life, so you can get some fresh air! The long march awaits!

In salary, Chopra got half a million bucks last year, he got nearly $200,000 as a bonus, and he’s got 22 presidents and vice-presidents.

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