Video: A postal customer’s fight with the mail carrier leads to a stand off and no mail

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. – Homeowner Kent Berg showed ABC Action News how he maintains his yard as well as the right of way that borders the gravel road in front of his home.

Which explains why Berg took issue with the postal carrier turning around in the manicured grass in front of his house. He says he’s been asking the carrier for upwards of two years to stop turning around in the grass.

But this postal customer says his repeated requests fell on deaf ears and at one point he claims his postal worker actually yelled obscenities at him.

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  • jim

    the carrier was running late for management msp scans

    • Ruben Culmsee

      running late for any reason doesn’t give carriers the right to abuse the customer(s). ie – driving onto the customers lawn.

  • joe stutzman

    believe it or non, USPS management DOES give explicit instructions on WHERE to turn around. the customer’s argument is
    with duma$$ mgt, who want to save every nano-second possible. and if a carrier has a bucking up accident, it is almost automatically the carrier’s fault

  • donny2805

    A rural carrier. Different world than city.

  • Argh

    Customers are idiots 50% of the time. How much does he pay to receive mail? Let me guess, his tax dollars pay the wages……NOPE