Package theft plagues holidays

The US Postal Service says during the holidays it delivers three times the amount of packages it usually does. And when boxes are left unattended on doorsteps they become prime targets for thieves.

Diana Figueroa had expensive audio equipment for her boyfriend stolen right off her porch.

“I get there and there’s no package at the side door… and so he calls UPS and they tell us, well, it’s not our problem, people follow the trucks around all the time especially around the holidays,” she said.

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  • Wendy Barbely

    Notice what she said UPS not USPS

  • joe stutzman

    I noticed that too. article op PO.ens up with what looks like a diss of the PO. BUT the stolen pkg in question is from the UPS system. sure looks like “cooking the books” to make the casual observer think its a PO screw-up.

  • coast office worker

    Let’s be realistic here guys. While this article concerns a UPS parcel, there are plenty of postal carriers who just drop their parcels at a person’s front door without ringing the bell. Been seeing it in my area for several years. PM’s trying to take pressure off the window line is a frequent excuse I’ve heard. Far cry from the days when customer service really meant just that. All downhill since. At one time, one of the “brtighter” delivery supervisors just had his carriers write out notices and leave the parcels in the office for pickup. Trying to save carrier hours I suppose.