Convicted criminal hired to run North Carolina post office

From WSOC TV in Charlotte:


U.S. Postal Service officials refuse to answer questions about a convicted criminal recently hired to oversee an Anson County post office.

Officials confirmed Wednesday that Beth Allen was hired as the Postmaster-Relief in November.

The move comes less than 10 months after Allen pleaded guilty to multiple counts of financial card fraud and forced to pay back nearly $3,000 in embezzled funds.

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  • MtnPostmaster

    Welcome to the new PostiT plan employment standards!

  • John

    These are the type of employees that the public will see in the future of the United States Postal Service. Either H.R. missed this conviction, or more than likely the standards has lowered for a P.M.R., or employee hired by the Postal Service. When you pay 11.00 dollars a hour, guarantee only 2 hours a week but must have open availability, Very sad for the public, but I am really sorry for the administrative offices’ Postmasters who are responsible for these types of employees Donahue hires today.

  • coast office worker

    There is a movement to “drop the box” on job applications that ask “have you ever been convicted of a crime?” It’s incidences like this that make me believe that the “drop the box” idea is not a practical one. Not to say that a convicted criminal should be prevented from obtaining a decent job, but skill sets should be matched. In this case, it was probably not the best choice to put a convicted embezzler in a situation where she has financial responsibilities. While there is no indication that Ms Allen has or would commit such a crime against the USPS, it might be best to err on the side of caution and remove any temptation.

  • bigtime

    she can apply for the new VICE PRESIDENT of embezzlement/ fraud position. we can never have enough vp s .

  • strider54

    If she put some make up on and fixed her ratty hair I’d bang her

    • Randy


  • Regular

    Prolly related to someone in the head office.

  • loveyourjob

    If she has fulfilled what she was ordered to do then there isn’t anything wrong with hiring her. Who knows she may do a great job by having a second chance. At least she is trying to work.

  • Paul

    She was provided a “light” punishment.

    Veterans are treated much worse in secret by the U.S. Postal Service.

    Before being hired our medical records are sought by USPS. When any
    “mental” problems or history comes into “play” the USPS activates its secret
    mental regulation ELM-806 section 152.3.