USPS tests outsourcing parcel sortation to UPS

ups_logo21st Century Postal Worker reports that the Carol Stream and South Suburban processing plants in Illinois, along with the Chicago NDC, have begun a six month test of sending non-machinable parcels (NMOs) to a United Parcel Service facility to be sorted. Under the plan, USPS employees tag the parcels as they arrive from collections, and then ship them to the UPS facility in Willow Springs IL, which will sort them and send them on to their destinations.

Incoming NMOs will also be sorted by UPS, with larger offices in the 601 ZIP area receiving their NMO parcels directly from the UPS plant.

21st Century Postal Worker Exchange for Messages of General Union Business.

  • Michael Fincher


    Seems like a good opportunity for a USPS employee, considering the parcel is already at a USPS facility, in the hands of a postal worker. Lets ship it somewhere else and let another company charge us to handle it.

    • Cal. Special

      Yes,I agree if not for the people that set this up, UPS has PRO’s doing these contracts, straight-up, we don’t!!

  • Boog

    This is a nationwide test!

  • USPS retired

    The USPS has consistently under-utilized or outright abandoned parcel
    handling technologies that were already in place and working quite well
    (SPBS, APPS, etc). But then, I am not surprised, having worked with more
    than a few of those who rose through the ranks and are now in control.
    it to say that while not totally incompetent or innately evil, most
    were usually so far in over their heads that they really had no business
    being in the positions they held. The only validation of their skills
    were the signs on their office doors (Hmmmm… I MUST be an engineer,
    since the sign says I am). IE: an office “Engineer” had SIX months to
    determine placement of a (very large) APPS machine. After two weeks of
    precision work (laser transits, etc) the Lockheed Martin factory team
    was almost done with the install, only to be told the site “Engineer”
    (former letter carrier to carrier supervisor to engineering… no formal
    training or credentials of course!) neglected to allow enough space for
    tow motors to pass, and the ENTIRE machine had to be lifted and
    relocated 18″ from its current position.
    Not sour grapes mind you,
    as I truly loved my work, was generously rewarded for the systems I
    developed and had many fine co-workers. Just wish we had better

  • Laurie Kress

    I worked for Emery Worldwide when the USPS did this years ago with priority mail. Besides taking jobs away from USPS employees I hope UPS keeps in mind that Emery had to SUE the Post Office to get out of the contract and that the USPS
    bankrupted that part of Emery by refusing to pay them. The USPS told the judge that Emery was manipulating their numbers. Who’s the pot calling the kettle black? Beware UPS, they’ll do the same to you.
    I also agree with anybody that makes a remark about “look who the USPS has brought up through the ranks.” People who wouldn’t or couldn’t do their jobs on the floor so they got into management. How does one respect anyone who gets ahead like they do? I am so frustrated working for this ridiculous entity.

    • Ron

      Maybe UPS will hire you?

    • Hitesh

      Hi Laurie,
      Could you please help me with the information like–
      How much sortation machines do UPS have in US? or how much sortation hubs UPS have in US?

  • Karen Noel

    Unfortunately the USPS supervision is great at blaming everyone but themselves when things dont work out si yes waych out UPS it will be your fault if their idea doesn’t work the way they wanr it to.

  • Nixie

    Years ago, we let them take over our parcels we didn’t want to deal with, so why is this any different?