Issa Applauds Canada Post for Ending Door to Door Delivery


Press release from Darrell Issa:

WASHINGTON – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., today applauded Canada Post, the Canadian postal service, for moving to phase out expensive to-the-door delivery for paper mail. Chairman Issa, chief sponsor of H.R. 2748, the Postal Reform Act of 2013, has advanced similar reforms.

“As technology advances, the Canadian people are changing the way they use paper mail. Canada Post has recognized this reality and responded to it. The Canadian government is supportive of its decision to modernize,” said Chairman Issa. “The American people have also changed the way they use paper mail and the cash-strapped United States Postal Service must respond accordingly. Likewise, Congress and the Administration need to grant USPS the flexibility to modernize its mail delivery and eliminate unnecessary costs.”

The vast majority of American homes do not receive expensive to-the-door delivery, but instead receive less expensive curbside or centralized delivery. The Postal Reform Act, which was approved by the Committee in July, would require USPS to transition 30 million delivery points over 10 years. This provision will save the financially distressed USPS at least $4 billion per year and is one of the largest opportunities for USPS savings.

Canada Post ended expensive Saturday delivery of paper mail for its customers in 1969. Issa’s legislation would also allow USPS to do the same, saving additional billions. A Senate companion bill also includes provisions to end the forced delivery of paper mail on Saturdays and delivery point modernization.

  • QuestionU

    Rep. Issa does NOT have the best interests of America’s workforce or ALL Americans (rural & urban) at heart…He is swayed by financial-backers/lobbyists whose only wish is to disslove the USPS and skim-off the lucrative parts of the service through privatization…..Shame on this man & his motives.

    • CC

      Yes, you are right. “Shame,” is the right word.

  • Bentonservice

    How about eliminating that $5.5 BILLION albatross strapped around the USPS’s neck? Why won’t Issa even mention it?

    • fred

      He also did mention that they we raising the price of a single stamp to $1 or if bought in a book to $0.85.from the current $0.63 The USPS is only trying to raise the price 3 cents to $0.49

  • James Martin

    He just wants to sell more postal real estate to line his own pocket

    …..everything else …..send it to a committee

  • Steve

    Issa should move to Canada

  • Reality check

    Rep. Issa, When are you and that clown in the Senate (Sen. Carper) ever going to pass your “postal reform” laws that would destroy the USPS? You have been at this for years now, and still cant even get your postal reform law onto the house floor for a vote! I guess most congressman can see right through your legislation, and recognize that your only intent is to destroy the USPS, and sell it off to your rich buddies! Cant wait until you lose your committee assignment in late 2014, so we can get someone a little more competent to lead that committee! You have been a total failure!

  • chris

    Issa, I hope you are reading this….you are an idiot and always have been….if Congress would just eliniate the prefunding burden you would never hear about us but you continuously ignore the problem and keep cutting our costs….

  • Rich

    The Postal Service spent $2.5 Billion in overtime this year. Why don’t they hire more CCAs and cut the cost by two thirds?

  • bigtime

    and canada pays its legislators nearly 1/10 of what america pays politicians. we think this is a great idea that should also be done. also canada will turn you away at the border if you have a driving whlie intoxicated (doesnt matter if its 15 years old ). this is another thing america should follow. no one allowed into country with ANY CRIMINAL RECORD . canada also has term limits in most of its regions , once again this is what issa should be pushing for. what issa you dont want any of these ? do you know someone that will be profitting from your attempts to dismantle the postal service ? i mean its not that we dont trust you but your past has some real shady things in it. arson ? insurance fraud ? car theft ? you know if you was just a little person like the rest of us americans trying to make a living while getting raped by the government. you would not be allowd into canada with your past record . just something to think about .

  • Ron

    Why isn’t this illegal weapon carrying car thief in jail?

  • Chris

    what a smug schmuck

  • Ron

    I hope Issa, (Assa), develops muscular dystrophy so bad he can’t make it to his cluster box!

  • jeffery cooper

    hey issa do America a favor move to Canada so you could applaud there tactics in person. You will be missed. LOL
    #Hit the road jack