Video: PMG optimistic, sees more staffing cuts, 7 day package delivery in ZIPs that can “support” it

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Postmaster General Pat Donahoe expressed optimism about the agency’s future, and pointed to reductions in staffing and expenses the USPS had achieved despite the lack of Congressional action. He also appeared to confirm fears that the USPS might provide higher levels of service to some affluent communities, even as it reduces services across the country.

He told the WSJ that the USPS had reduced staffing by 200,000 employees since 2006. While accepting that labor costs account for 80 percent of postal service expenses (and that “it will always be that high”), he pointed to the fact that twenty percent of the current staff are non-career part time workers. Curiously, he suggested later in the interview that the percentage would drop in the future, telling the interviewer that the USPS “in the near term” required about 400,000 career emplyees, and 60,000 non-career. That works out to a non-career percentage of 13%.

Continued staffing and cost reductions would depend on Congressional action to allow the USPS to eliminate Saturday mail delivery, but the PMG promised “package delivery seven days a week in ZIP codes that can support Sunday”.

Donahoe also said that while the USPS would continue to seek partnerships with the private sector, he doesn’t think it should be privatized.

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  • Retired Mailman

    Postal workers are dispensable.

    • Ben Franklin

      So how come you never see a postal worker dispenser?

  • Mail Handler

    Donadope level with people and tell the truth? since when?BWAAAAAA…HAAAA…HAAAA…HAAAA!!!

  • Zeus

    Employee head count cut by 200,000 since ’06, says Donablow,how much has the management head count gone down in that time? Answer is O…more Vice-Presidents? yes sir!

    • Fortunate

      Zeus, not on forum, but I wanted to ask if you knew how many EAS took this past early out and if you have a breakdown by position and district.

  • SanSam the Packer Fan

    The PinnochiHO is so full of it his eyes are brown and his nose is growing. Mail deliveries in our city are stopped at 4pm and undelivered mail is returned to the unit, I feel for the customers who are at the end of the routes, they may never get their mail because of the 4pm cut off. Routes evaluated at 8 hours are cut short and mail is brought back. Mail sits on the dock, Priority, First Class and Standard. Can’t wait for the supervisors to try to write someone up for a ZERO BUNDLE or mail left in the case when they are leaving BMC’s, APC’s and pallets of Priority on the dock. Remember the “Every Piece Everyday” mandate? Guess it does not apply to the management. Doesn’t think it should be privatized but is opening shop in Staples office supply stores across the country with low to minimum wage Staples employees doing our jobs, no training, no security or background checks, another real smart plan.
    Truck the mail 200 hundred miles south for processing and then truck it back 200 miles north for delivery when there is a plant less than 3 miles from our unit(slated for closure). Cutting 200,000 career jobs in order to hire PSE’s and CCA’s, with no benefits 1/2 the pay, lousy schedules, and piss poor training. Our PSE clerk does not even know where North Carolina is and told a customer that when asked how long will delivery take….Makes the rest of us career employees look like fools. Thanks PinnochiHO schmo……………..

    • Shawn M Crook

      Where are you at? Never heard of a cut off time???

  • Luckily Retired

    SanSam the Packer Fan hit the nail on the head.When Donagoofball said he wanted a more flexible workforce he meant CCA’s and PSE’s with much lower wages with little training and really not much of an incentive to stay at the USPS.His resume consists of closed Post Offices and plant consolidations which has done nothing but delay mail.Delayed mail means carriers are out later and later,increasing OT hours and jeopardizing their safety.Fuel costs are doubled as well.Don’t let him fool you.He’s really in favor of privatization.Just look at the sweetheart deal at Staples.In the mean time,hard working USPS employees have to suffer.Pat needs to go,and soon before he completely dismantles this the USPS.

  • Ron

    He says USPS will continue to seek partnerships with the private sector, then in the same breath says he doesn’t think it should be privatized ! What a lying puke! He looks like 300 pounds of chewed bubble gum!

  • Michael Fincher

    Its amazing! A few months ago, congress needed to let the postal service kill off a day and go to 5 day delivery, and now 7 day delivery is a good thing? Goes to show how quick they are to make a decision, regardless of the consequences.