Video: Houston homeowner says postal worker threw Christmas package over fence

HOUSTON (KTRK) — A north Houston man is upset after his security camera captured a post office worker literally throwing his package into his yard.

Josh Smith came home from work Friday afternoon and the Dwight Howard shoes he’d ordered for a relative for Christmas were front and center on the sidewalk.

"Basically, I saw pieces of paper all across the yard," he said.

They looked almost ready to put on, except they were damaged.

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  • Mike Negrete

    Did this idiot have his gate unlocked?

    • Katherine Goode Denman

      video shows a chain on the gate and beware of dog sign, carrier should have just left a notice to pick up at post office in their mailbox outside the fence!

  • Katherine Goode Denman

    Carrier should have just left a notice for the customer to pick it up at the post office unless it had an endorsement saying “leave if no response”, then leave it outside the gate.

  • deadbirdworker

    Should have let the pit eat them.

  • houston 24b

    Josh Smith!. Wasn’t he not allowed to apply for postsl job due to his mental state?.

  • OTH Guy

    Yeah this guy has family heirlooms.

    • common sense

      Sorry, but if you want to be in the package delivery business, you don’t get to decide whether or not your customer has “family heirlooms”. You just get to deliver them properly if you want to get paid. If you don’t give a rat’s ass, like the carrier in this video- fine- but don’t be surprised when you find yourself looking for another job- without the pay and benefits you enjoy now.

      That’s the future, loser.

  • IIlIIl111

    Wow, they sent a report out for a “remote” on this non-story. Must have been a slow news day

  • Surprise!

    The news people sure went to a lot of trouble to make this as uninformative as possible.

    While it is true the carrier had no business throwing the package over the fence, this has nothing to do with the customers issue.
    It is true if the package had been fragile and broken it would be the carriers fault but if the package fell apart when it landed it was not packed properly.

    The real issue, is the carrier responsible because the dog ate the shoes?

    Maybe, was the package endorsed for the carrier to leave the package?
    Is the carrier responsible for what happens to an endorsed package after it is left?

  • Disgusted

    Personally, I am disgusted by the negative remarks about this customer, We are the Postal Service and it was unprofessional of the carrier to have done that. She should have left a notice or the package at the fence (depending on the customers preference). I am a SSA and deal with customers on a daily basis. We have to remain professional at all times. I hope that she gets reprimanded for this.

  • FE523

    the mail trucks in my office have parcel launchers for such deliveries.

  • Joseph Vega

    It clearly shows the carrier throwing the package over the fence so its her fault customer service is number one . She should be fired ASAP

  • Chrissie Rusher

    I would never condone the way that carrier handled that package in a million years, it was disgraceful. However, being a carrier for so many years this situation looks a little like there has been a dog situation happening for some time. I think there is very likely another side to this story. From the looks of that package it was priority and probably did not have a carrier leave endorsement, especially since it was shoes. Notice should have been left. period.

  • bigtime

    keep rushing like a lunatic doing everything the wrong way just to please maniac supervisor and demented manager . this is always the outcome. now your job is on the line .

  • Tony

    Common sense isn’t so common!