• Tn Rural Carrier

    The key to this whole segment is the quote “Treat people the way you want to be treated”. Does this mean upper management was us to be hateful, clueless, and uncaring, and try to stick it to them at every opportunity?

    • Mick

      Yes, and not one mention of the preventable death in Maryland delivering in the dark….treat people as you would like to be treated, who wants to deliver in the dark?

  • vitameatavegamin

    If the PMG put his tripe on the right paper, he could be a toilet paper tycoon!

  • Jerry

    can I copy the video that says treat people like you want to be treated and play that on my next route inspection?

  • matt

    If management keep up with all these cut backs we will surely get first class a mail numbers down to 7-8 billion pieces per year. The service has gone way down. To the point where management feel it smart to bring carriers in at 9 and keep the out after dark. Not to mention all the delayed mail left over night at to ao because of the 3:20 dispatch time. F-ing ridicules!

  • Letter Carrier in a high crime

    Can we stop delivering mail in the dark now?

  • Julie

    USPS still wasting its money on the postal museum. Funding a director who is sexist and racist. He calls pregnant women useless and gives men raises but not women. Asks women why they’re not married. Guess that’s where their money should come from. He’s not worth USPS funding.