Video: USPS continues to throw Imagination Library books in trash

PIGEON FORGE (WATE) – New books meant for Tennessee children are being thrown away by local post offices for the second time.

About two percent of the books sent out to children each month from Imagination Library are returned to the post office because they are undeliverable, usually because the family has moved and not notified the organization or post office.

For years, volunteers were able to come by and simply pick those books up, but the USPS says the organization was receiving a service that other businesses pay for.

Starting in February, the USPS gave the non-profit six months to figure out a plan, but that time is up and those books are going back in the trash.

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  • Thomas Fata

    Dollywood needs to mail the books with “Address Service Requested” near the return address.

  • joe stutzman

    OR deliver to current resident. imagine library has been told how the rate they use works, but they refuse to change. this is a non-story designed to make USPS look like a Grinch. dolly has mucho money, let her pony up