USPS lashes out at PRC in rate case filing

USPS management isn’t pleased with the PRC’s ruling last week that delayed implementation of mandatory Full-Service IMb by mailers. In a response to the PRC order, the USPS accused the PRC of overstepping its authority, and “improperly” involving itself in postal operations. It labeled the PRC’s views on pricing “vestigial”, and claimed the regulator had eroded “whatever pricing flexibility the Postal Service purportedly enjoys” under PAEA:

Although the Postal Service is complying with the Commission’s directive, it believes that the Commission’s finding… oversteps its authority and improperly involves it in the operations of the Postal Service. The intent of the Congress in passing the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act was to afford the Postal Service true pricing flexibility, unencumbered by the Commission’s own vestigial views on pricing. The Commission’s findings on the Full-Service IMb issue ignore that Congressional intent, inappropriately expand the scope of the price cap, and erode whatever pricing flexibility the Postal Service purportedly enjoys.