Video: Funeral held in Rock Hill SC for slain postal worker


Family and friends gathered in Rock Hill for the funeral of a postal worker shot and killed. Tyson Barnette moved to Maryland after graduating from Northwestern High School in his hometown of Rock Hill.

“He was a very sweet, respectable young man,” Barnette’s great aunt Mary Roseboro said. “He’s the type of guy that anyone could love.”

On Sunday, those who loved him gathered at Foundation AME Zion Church to celebrate Barnette’s life. His family members told Eyewitness News they’re leaning on each other right now to get through this difficult time.

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  • Bernitha Sharp

    My Heart hurt from the moment I heard the bad news of the passing of my fellow Brother. I continue to Pray for his family!

  • Retired USPS

    Let’s get this grieving family some closure and find the monster(or monsters)who commited this heinous crime and let justice be served.Somebody out their knows something.Come forward and be a hero!!!

  • Yadhira Perdomo

    im very upset about this…We SERVE the public with pride …my prayers with his family.

  • GeeGee

    The Postal Service needs to pay for this man’s funeral.

  • dee

    As a retired letter carrier I am utterly saddened by this senseless crime. I know what it is like to deliver after dark, I would carry a.flashlight. He was.probably using the street.lights and trying to see the numbers on the houses and with all of that additional stress.and.responsibility to get the.mail delivered I am positive that he lost sight of the potential danger he was in. This is a.deplorable act that has taken the life of a civil servant. My heart and sisterhood and brotherhood go out to his family and fellow carriers. RIP Tyson!

    • Alontelo

      I share your grief as a fellow member of the NALC and also as a 28 year veteran who is still carrying.
      However, as a former shop steward, I find it very disturbing when I read from veterans like you say that they delivered mail with flash lights/head lights.
      As much as the postal service talk the good talk on safety, very little is done till an incident makes the head lines.

      The NALC has been preaching against the use of these lights since it definitely compromises your safety.
      These new carriers, (cca’s) are afraid off being terminated since they don’t have much of a ground to stand on buy way of the contract. But what about “seasoned” carriers like you?
      You have already served your area well and I congratulate you. But for those of us who are still carrying, let us emulate the sacrifice of Vince Sombrotto and the branch 36 for their leadership.
      I also encourage you to find time to watch the video of the NALC strike and what it achieved for postal carriers of America.

      your brother (Branch 38)