‘Lose a Life to Save a Dollar’

APWU Web News Article #130-13, Nov. 26, 2013

Tyson Barnette

Tyson Barnette

The APWU family is deeply saddened by the death of Tyson Barnette, the 26 year old Maryland Letter Carrier who was killed while delivering mail on Saturday, Nov. 22, well after dark. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family.

The night after the shooting, approximately 150 Letter Carriers attended a vigil to pay respects to their fallen co-worker. APWU President Mark Dimondstein, Executive Vice President Debby Szeredy and Clerk Craft Director Clint Burelson attended in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the National Association of Letter Carriers.

Many of the carriers at the vigil expressed anguish — and anger — over USPS policies that have forced carriers to deliver mail at night. In a eulogy, one of Barnette’s co-workers said we must never again “lose a life to save a dollar.”

Dimondstein believes the unsafe working conditions are a result of recent plant consolidations, cutbacks to the workforce and management policies that are paving the way for privatization. “Mail now arrives at carrier stations later, pushing delivery times into the evening, and stations are understaffed,” he said.

“Let this tragedy serve as a wake-up call,” he said. “Management must take the necessary steps to strengthen service and safety.”


  • Joseph Vega

    No one has commented because it piss poor management that just follows orders from the post master general to try to save money if the managers at the stations stood up for the carriers they would be shipped to a desk job before all the stupid scan points to follow us and not leave the station years ago we came in early and started when we had mail at the case and no DPS and we worked until our eight hours now its making the new CCA carry a whole route and then two hours from another route and be back . By the time they finish the first route its already dark and they have two hours left stupid mismanagement at its best and they have figured it out .What happened to 8hours work for 8 hours pay and be back before dark safety first .Been told to go out after dark and I refused and they will give you a direct order and refused it also have seen so many stupid things done by management that the postal service should be looked into but the top people have protection so why wont the postal inspectors start looking into the postal service or have the inspector general office look into it . Its like the train leaves and the station stays as it has done before .With out the stupid ideas that have been put into the new system , if its not broken don’t fix it the old system has worked and the mail was delivered in eight hours and we never had problems . What we have is to many people that are paid and they don’t touch the mail or deliver it trim them out and streamline the system and do it with someone that has been there and done that not with the idiots that wear suits and never get dirty that’s the same with the unions get in the trenches and don’t brown nose the management .You know this wont be the last time we have a problem unless we act now ASAP .