Postal Workers Say Letter Carrier Death In Maryland Was Preventable

CHEVERLY, Md. – It didn’t have to happen. That’s what postal workers are saying about the shooting death of letter carrier Tyson Barnette in Cheverly Saturday.

“It appears someone walked up and shot the mailman,”Local 142 President Robert Williams says.

Dozens of postal workers in Landover Local 142 say they have been complaining for months about late start times and understaffing there. And they say it cost their friend his life.

Read more: Postal Workers Say Letter Carrier Death In Cheverly Was Preventa – DC News FOX 5 DC WTTG.

  • 40 yr carrier

    Postal management will just say he was not doing his job properly. He should have been more aware of his surroundings. So what if it is dark out, they have not given us any guidelines for reading and walking in the dark, no flashlights, they just say get back as soon as possible, don’t take overtime, the darkness does not matter. Been delivering for over 40 years and have heard it all. Waiting for management to explain this one.

  • B

    Keep consolidating processing plants and it’s only going to get worse.

  • Michael Anton Doiron

    How bout instead of offering a reward you stop sending carriers in the dark!

  • don

    The usps have cut the carriers to the bone and made their routs a lot bigger. they just don’t care about the people that carry the mail

  • jaws8168

    All they care about is as long as that piece of mail gets delivered they get their bonuses chalk up another safety issue for management

  • Mark Smiley

    I thought there was a 5:00 window, oh but that only counts when Mgt wants it to. Someone who told this carrier to stay out that late should be brought up on manslaughter charges.

  • KAP in NM

    R.I.P brother letter-carrier…all of us active and retired carriers know the real deal about delivering mail after dark. Many people (especially P.O mgt types) question our pay-grades and benefits; however, they don’t understand the risks and sacrifices made to ensure delivery by mail-carriers year-round to ensure their livelihood and nice lifestyles they have…I was a union steward for 7 years and always fought with management concerning the safety and rights of the carriers regarding late delivery…and to be honest with you all, our upper-level union people back us very little when it comes to certain policies designed to PROTECT carriers working in the dark….so…you ( the carrier) must be concerned about your own safety and do whatever it takes to protect yourself. Be safe and smart…GOD speed to you all!!

  • April Wood McConnell

    I was out until 9:40 tonight. Didn’t hear about this until I got home. So sad!!

  • GeeGee

    I don’t know why I pay my mortgage. I spend 90% of my time delivering mail. I need to move inside the post office & save some money. I got off at 8:30 tonight.

  • jstar

    We were all ordered in on our days off this week. last night they moved the cases back to make room for all the packages we have to deliver thanks to the new Amazon contract the PO signed. Without any forethought about no having any help to sort them or deliver them…I worked until 445 on my day off, starting at 730. 62 routes reported in from Edison NJ that they would be out past 5 o’clock..brilliant.