Cintron named VP, Product Information

From USPS News Link:

Robert Cintron
Robert Cintron, currently manager of Western Pennsylvania District, has been appointed the Postal Service’s new Product Information VP, reporting to CIO Jim Cochrane. The appointment takes effect Dec. 14.

PMG Pat Donahoe said Cintron will be responsible for managing innovations in technology and information systems, including the Intelligent Mail barcode and Address Management Systems. Cintron also will lead the Postal Service’s ongoing initiative to use technology to add value to the U.S. Mail.

Among other duties, Cintron will share responsibility for developing new package sorting equipment and overseeing continuing technology development to enhance last-mile capabilities for parcel distribution and dynamic routing.

A 28-year veteran of USPS, Cintron began his career as a clerk in Rochester, NY. He served in senior plant manager positions in Northern Ohio and Western New York, and also was plant manager at facilities in Stamford, CT, and Rochester. He has served as In-Plant Support manager for the Northeast Area.

“I know that Robert’s in-depth experience in Operations will serve us well as we continue to leverage data to better understand our customers’ needs,” said Donahoe. “He will ensure that our technology and tracking systems continue to deliver world-class visibility and information for our customers.”


  • uyourvicepresident

    we need another vp i was worried going in to work today how would I get the mail out with open routes and broken trucks, no scanners and no heat, but now that we have a new vp I know everything will be ok

    • Fact vs Fiction

      The appointment is not “another vp” Mr Cintron replaced Mr Cochrane who replaced Mr Burgoyne, who retired.

  • postal worker bruce

    another lazy clerk works his way up the system…diversity is perversity

  • ponyup

    That’s not what it said, ,it said cintron reports to cio jim cochrane