Video: Mail carrier robbed in North Philadelphia

NORTH PHILADELPHIA – November 19, 2013 WPVI — Police are investigating the robbery of a mail carrier in North Philadelphia.

The postal carrier has always been the respected individual that no one touched. But authorities are growing more concerned after a third mail carrier was held-up at gunpoint in Philadelphia.

"This is not normal," said Postal Inspector George Clark. "We don’t see a lot of robberies like this. We don’t really understand why anyone would be robbing a mail carrier."

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  • caligirl0808

    This is starting to happen a lot more. Used to be no one would bother the mail carrier even in high crime areas. The patrons usually watch out for the mail carrier as well as mail carriers watching out for their patrons. Very concerned about this new trend and glad the carriers we not harmed physically, mentally
    is another story.

  • Texas Mailman

    unfortunately, the later we work the more this is going to happen. Across America Letter Carriers are being asked to work after dark. A very dangerous proposition. Even in the nicest of areas, walking the yards at night can be dicey.