Mail carrier struck by van in Wentzville MO

WENTZVILLE, Mo. KSDK — A mail carrier was rushed to the hospital on Saturday after getting hit by a van on Highway 61 in Wentzville.

According to eyewitnesses, the woman was struck while trying to retrieve a package near Peine Road and was thrown about 100 feet.

The victim’s condition is not being released, but a witness says she was conscious and moving her toes when she was put into the ambulance. The driver who hit her, stopped and stayed at the scene until emergency crews arrived.

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  • bigtime

    this is happening more than ever. the reasons I think are less office time , more time getting mail ready at rear of llv. more deliveries in dark, caused by automation,start times rolled back to 8,830 ,and 9 am. more carriers on street longer, juggling 3 bundles of mail, makes it extremely hard to focus on surroundings when you have to eyeball so many different things. delivering when you should be having dinner, body gets tired and hungry, just natural to get sloppy. none of this matters to the decision makers cause they have been home for over 5 hours well you are getting run over in the dark.