Video: Several Seattle neighborhoods complain about missing mail

SEATTLE — Several people in the Eastlake neighborhood are upset with the U.S. Postal Service. They are complaining about late deliveries due to new mail routes for carriers.

“I noticed that I hadn’t been getting any mail probably since last Monday,” said Randy Sullivan.

Sullivan and several neighbors said carriers have not consistently delivered their mail for just over a week.

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  • Jabo

    No one knows what mail carriers go through on a daily basis!!! Harassment and enforcement tactics. When mgt wants to get rid of routes in the office, they try and add more time to other routes who are already 8 hrs or more in office and street together which causes carriers to be out later and later due to the darkness. What you people don’t realize is that 75% of mail carriers are Vets!! This is why USPS is going out of business!! The idiots up top with nothing better to do than harass those who are out there busting their butts every day in the heat, cold and rain!!!

  • OverWorkedPSE

    Well Im on the inside and if theyknew what I know its not going to get better and that is all im going to say!!