Postal worker sentenced to diversion for indecent exposure

CLARKSVILLE, TENN — . A former postal worker was sentenced to a one year post-trial diversion for exposing his genitals to a female worker.

Robert Lewis Kugle, 52, pleaded guilty to two counts indecent exposure following a settlement hearing in September.

The victim said Kugle exposed his genitals outside of his pants while they were both at work inside the post office on at least two occasions in November 2012. He knew the act would offend her because she previously told him not to his expose himself in her presence, according to his warrant.

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  • Rosie1700

    What exactly is a “diversion?”

    • backmtjayare

      That’s a good question. I’ve never heard of that one.

      • Poom

        I think its when you whip out a testicle instead.

  • Larry Adack

    He has a year not to show his penis to her…….

  • Mr.Guest

    If he were a supervisor, management would cover it up.

    • Retired Postal

      What a useless comment. Surprised the union didn’t get him off like they usually do.

      • CC

        Um, you have quite a way with words…Hope it would be as good for the union as it would be for him…